Buenos Beans is a community of people who like to try new things, go to new places, and of course, taste new coffees!

This is how it all started – with the excitement of discovering new flavours we hadn’t tried before.

There was always a new roaster we had not yet tried, a new varietal, a comparison between two roasters roasting similar beans, and lots of other amazing discoveries! Also, there were many times when the coffee we were trying was just not that good and we were sad to be wasting money on bad coffee.

We thought “hey, wouldn’t it be nice if this were easier?” And this is how we were born.

Buenos Beans is about sharing the great things that good coffee brings us, ensuring that every one of our boxes connects you, the roasters, and the farmers in a positive way that makes the world better for all of us.

We are Aga and Juanma, a Polish‑Uruguayan couple who have shared a great love and passion for coffee for many years, and who want to share this passion with you.

Aga was born and raised in Poland, but spent some years living in the UK and Spain. She had her first “WOW” coffee moment about 10 years ago in a small Italian town, where she was served a coffee that was so good that adding anything to it would be a crime. Aside from her coffee passion, she brings her wine tasting knowledge to the table, which is great, because tasting coffee has a lot in common with tasting wine! She also knows a thing or two about cooking, so watch out for some of her yummy coffee-infused recipes on our blog.

Juanma is a total coffee geek and espresso lover. Originally from Uruguay, he tried his first specialty coffee in London some years ago, which started an obsession with replicating that same experience at home. He is an SCA qualified barista, who loves exploring new tastes and talking to other people about coffee (sometimes for HOURS…!). He’s also a great troubleshooter, who believes nothing is impossible. You’ll definitely notice it in his blog posts on coffee gear, brewing methods and more.



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