July Coffee Box 2021

July 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

This month we’re including coffees from Ditta Artigianale (from Italy), and Drop Coffee Roasters (from Sweden)! We got to know Ditta during the Milan Coffee Festival of 2019, and we really loved their coffees and roast style. With Drop… just a single sip of their “Cerro Azul” Nicaragua espresso almost two years ago was enough … Read more

June Coffee Box 2021

June 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

Can you smell the summer? It’s round the corner! For the longest days of the year we have chosen coffees from two great roasteries – Muttley & Jack’s and Manhattan. The first one is based in Stockholm, Sweden and the second one in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and both are widely recognised in the specialty coffee … Read more

May Coffee Box 2021

May 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

It’s been half a year that we’ve been sending out great specialty coffee to coffee lovers around Europe! In this month’s box we decided to include two legends: Bonanza Coffee Roasters from Germany and Lot61 from the Netherlands. Both are great roasters, but their personality and background are very different. This is why we loved … Read more

Podcast Episode #6: Normal is boring – Producing extraordinary coffee in Indonesia (with Java Frinsa Estate)

Java Frinsa Estate podcast episode

We speak today with Wildan Mustofa from Java Frinsa Estate, a coffee producer from Indonesia. You may have tried their coffees already through roasters like Muttley and Jack, Rocket Bean, Friedhats, or PALE (who were actually included in our January 2021 box with one of Wildan’s coffees). This is a relatively short discussion but it … Read more


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