May 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

It’s been half a year that we’ve been sending out great specialty coffee to coffee lovers around Europe! In this month’s box we decided to include two legends: Bonanza Coffee Roasters from Germany and Lot61 from the Netherlands.

Both are great roasters, but their personality and background are very different. This is why we loved the idea of putting their coffees in one box!

Here you will find more information on the roasters, coffees, plantations and farmers. Check it out while sipping on your brew. We hope you enjoy these coffees as much as we do!

Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Germany

Bonanza Coffee Roasters
Photo credit: Bonanza Coffee Roasters

When you visit Bonanza’s website or Instagram, you don’t find the faces of the creators of this roastery. It’s all about the coffee and its quality – “Unnecessarily Good”, as they say.

But nothing simply appears out of nowhere, behind every project there is a team. In this case it is Yumi Choi and Kiduk Reus. Starting Bonanza Coffee Heroes in 2006 (as the roastery was called back then) these two Berliners were one of the specialty coffee pioneers in Europe.

Yumi had her break-through coffee moment during her visit to Monmouth Coffee Company in London. She discovered how good coffee could be and wanted to enjoy great brews in her city.

Bonanza set new standards for coffee roasting and brewing, and laid the foundation for the German capital’s specialty coffee scene. After 15 years on the market, Bonanza is one of the most respected roasters not only in Europe, but also globally.

Ethiopia, Sasaba

Sasaba Bonanza May 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(all boxes)

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Producer: T. H. Tesfaye

Washing station: Sasaba

Growing altitude: 2,000 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: Mixed heirloom

Aroma and taste: Milk chocolate, strawberry cream, biscuit

This is one of Bonanza’s classics – 2021 is the 4th year they’ve bought beans from the Sasaba washing station from Ethiopia. The person behind this washing station is Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye, who runs two washing stations in the Guji region.

At Sasaba washing station he receives coffee from more than 500 smallholders who grow their coffee in the neighbouring areas at the altitude of 2,000 masl. Coffee bushes thrive in the shade of trees that naturally grow there and other trees planted by the farmers.

Tesfaye focuses on quality and works with well-trained farmers, who deliver good fruit with consistency. You will be able to find this attention to detail in your cup!

Brazil, Santa Lucia

Brazil Santa Lucia Bonanza May 2021 Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(medium and large boxes)

Country: Brazil

Region: Minas Gerais, Sul de Minas

Plantation: Fazenda Santa Lucia

Growing altitude: 900-1,200 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: Yellow Catuai

Aroma and taste: Milk chocolate, almond, red apple

Coffees from Brazil’s Minas Gerais region always prove to be great, and this one is no exception. In 2016 Fazenda Santa Lucia won 6th place at the Cup of Excellence contest, so quality is clearly at the core of what they do.

The plantation offers different Arabica varieties, but here Bonanza decided to use Yellow Catuai only. It went through natural process, which gave the beans great sweetness and complexity. In your brew you will find classical Brazilian notes, such as chocolate and nuts, but also some subtle fruitiness. It’s an omniroast – give it a try both in your espresso and filter!

Lot61, Netherlands

Lot61 May 2021 Blog Buenos Beans specialty coffee box
Photo credit: Lot61

Lot61 is an Amsterdam-based roaster with loads of personality – they’re bold, elegant and clear. The roastery was opened back in 2013 by two Australians, who lived for several years in New York before coming to Europe. They definitely like adventures and discovering new things, and roasting coffee perfectly fits into this picture.

But Lot61 is not only about lifestyle – they’re also very focused on sustainability. They are a Certified B Corporation, which means that they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. They are constantly working on reusable or easily recyclable products and packaging. Their current mission is to become a circular coffee brand in every aspect of their field.

Peru, El Palto

Lot61 El Palto May 2021 Blog Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(all boxes – espresso)

Country: Peru

Region: Amazonas

Plantation: El Palto, JUMARP

Growing altitude: 1,300-1,800 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Typica

Aroma and taste: Apple, chocolate, nutty

If you’ve been with us for a while, you have already tried coffee from JUMARP cooperative roasted by Copenhagen Coffee Roasters (March box). This time it’s a slightly different mix of Arabica varieties, and a different roaster, of course 🙂

This coffee comes from the Northern area of Peru, where the Amazon meets the Andes. Its producer, JUMARP cooperative, was founded in 2003 by 35 smaller coffee farms and today consists of more than 300 partners. It has both Fair Trade and organic certification, which is not that easy to achieve in remote, rural places.

Colombia, Eider Muñoz

Lot61 Eider Munoz May 2021 Blog Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(all boxes – filter)

Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Plantation: Eider Muñoz

Growing altitude: 2,200 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Aroma and taste: Peach, mango, nice acidity

When we hear “Colombian coffee”, we normally think about classical, chocolatey, nutty flavours. And we’re quite right, but there are also some exceptions from this flavour rule, and this coffee is one of them. Expect nothing but surprises – tropical notes with some peach and mango!

It’s no coincidence that this coffee comes from Nariño region, an area of high altitudes producting amazing, complex coffees. It’s normally more difficult to grow coffee at such hights due to more rigid climate, but Nariño is close to the Equator, so the weather conditions are suitable for the plant.

Guatemala, La Esperanza

Lot61 La Esperanza May 2021 Blog Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(large box only – espresso)

Country: Guatemala

Region: Antigua

Plantation: La Esperanza

Growing altitude: 1,600 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Bourbon, Villa Sarchi

Aroma and taste: Blueberry, dark chocolate, clean.

La Esperanza is a small farm in Guatemala. During last four years they’ve been experimenting with shade, different coffee varieties and fertilizers. After two years of tests, the coffee plants that were receiving organic fertilizer thrived most, giving great beans and impressive yield.

This coffee went through washed process, giving the beans nice, clean taste. In your espresso you will be able to notice classic notes of chocolate as well as some berries. Great for brews with and without milk.

Ethiopia, Layyoo

Lot61 Layyoo May 2021 Blog Buenos Beans specialty coffee box

(large box only – filter)

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga, Guji

Washing station: Raro Nensebo

Growing altitude: 2,350 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Aroma and taste: Mango, red currant, malic.

Laayyoo is the name a coffee lot that was processed at the Raro Nensebo Washing Station in Ethiopia. This name refers to a local indigenous tree that shades coffee plants. When the leaves of the tree fall down to the ground and decompose, they also make for great, nutritious compost.

Ethiopian coffees have always loads to offer, and this one didn’t let us down. When we cupped it we got hooked by all the flavours. The fruit notes are clearly present; it’s sweet and not too acidic. If you’re a fan of flavourful filter coffee, you will be definitely happy with these beans!


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