Podcast Episode #7 – Burundi: Hope Through Coffee

Burundi coffee podcast

Did you know that women coffee farmers in Burundi are not legally allowed to own their land?

Even though the land might be rightfully theirs, there is always a man on the actual papers and this can potentially cause them issues – particularly when it’s time to get paid for their crops.

Greenco, together with some NGOs, are helping women farmers actually own their land – they help them create associations (which can actually own land), and these associations are owned by these women, which means they eventually can be the owners of their land!

This seems like a crazy thing, but it’s the daily reality of many coffee producers in some parts of the world.

It’s a good reminder of the many challenges people go through for that coffee to get to your cup.

In this episode we speak with Eddy Nkanagu, who is the director at Greenco, a coffee production company in Burundi. You may have tried their coffees already through roasters like Goriffee, North Star, or Nomad, who were included in our April 2021 box with one of Greenco’s coffees.

We discuss some topics like creating stores for their farmer community, which are run by the community members; working with female farmers, giving them financial and entrepeneurship training; and irregular coffee production cycles and their impact on farmers.

Listen up for all this and much more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Eddy from Greenco as much as we did.

If you liked it, subscribe and stay tuned. We will share more exciting episodes in the coming weeks!

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