Podcast Episode #6: Normal is boring – Producing extraordinary coffee in Indonesia (with Java Frinsa Estate)

Java Frinsa Estate podcast episode

We speak today with Wildan Mustofa from Java Frinsa Estate, a coffee producer from Indonesia.

You may have tried their coffees already through roasters like Muttley and Jack, Rocket Bean, Friedhats, or PALE (who were actually included in our January 2021 box with one of Wildan’s coffees).

This is a relatively short discussion but it packs a punch – we discuss:

  • The challenges of coffee producers in Indonesia
  • We learn how Wildan’s lactic coffee processing aims to replicate the profile of Kopi Luwak but without the animals
  • We also learn about a new process (still unnamed) which is based on the protein fermentation used in the typical Indonesian superfood Tempeh.

During the conversation we happen to find out we had already tried one of his coffees during our honeymoon in Indonesia three years ago, which was pretty exciting!

Listen up for all this and much more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Wildan from Java Frinsa Estate as much as we did.

If you liked it, subscribe and stay tuned. We will share more exciting episodes in the coming weeks!

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