We’re lowering our specialty coffee box prices – what this means to you

The best coffee is the coffee you like

Great news, we’re lowering our prices!!! But wait, specialty coffee is not cheap, what’s the deal? Read on to find out.

You’re lowering your prices you say? Is that good news or bad news?

If you’ve been with us for a bit, you will probably know that our great value promise is important to us (and to you!). It’s one of our core principles.

If you don’t know us very well let me explain how this works. It’s really straight-forward.

We don’t charge you extra for bringing you amazing specialty coffees. You get great coffees, and you pay the same price that it would cost you to buy direct from the roasters, or even less. It’s that simple.

This principle is, for you, one of the best ways of knowing the quality of our specialty coffee boxes will not go down in time and that you always get your money’s worth.

But why are you bringing the prices down then, how does that work?

When we started, the average price of the coffees we wanted to include was a certain price. This worked well with the prices we initially put for our boxes.

The problem is that after a while, it’s happened all too often that we have not been able to include coffees which we really loved just because they were slightly cheaper than our box, and would not meet our great value promise.

This sometimes has been a real shame, as some coffees were just slightly cheaper, but in terms of quality they were the same or in many cases a lot better than other more expensive offers in the market.

So we decided that if we wanted to keep bringing you amazing coffees and not breaking our great value promise, the only option we had left was to bring our pricing down slightly.

This small change will give us the ability to bring to you a wider spectrum of really amazing coffees. And also, to keep charging a fair price for them.

We have now a good number of coffees planned, which we love, and that we will be able to ship to you without breaking our great value promise.

What does this mean to me? Does this mean I’m now getting worse coffees?!

Nowhere near. Most of the coffees we’ve included in the past (like Coffee Collective, MOK or Felix to name just a few) would still manage to make their way into the new boxes. It just means that some amazing coffees that had to be left out because they were slightly cheaper than our boxes, can now fit in our future offerings.

And remember as well – our great value promise is not going anywhere. This means you always pay the same or less than buying the coffees straight from the roasters.

Unlike other boxes, we don’t try to find cheaper coffees to make more money. If the coffees are cheaper than what you’re paying for our boxes, we simply don’t ship them. Or we’d refund you the difference if it happened, but we haven’t had to do so yet 😉

This means great specialty coffee for you, without paying more. And now, it means being able to discover even more amazing roasters.

A total win for everyone.

What happens with the current subscribers?

Well, if you’re a subscriber you know as we’ve spoken to you about this already! If you’re not, you’ll be happy to know that we have spoken to ALL our current subscribers, and good news – everyone is happy with the new pricing change, and are excited about getting to try more new roasters.

All existing subscribers have been moved to the new pricing structure, retaining their previous box’s preferences.

Cheers to new coffee discoveries, and happy brewing!


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